After 10 days, countless hours and many, many late nights, we actually have some of our stuff in our house…whew. Saturday was the big move day–and last night was our first sleep in our own house! There is still a LOT of work to be done (and even more unpacking to do) but it’s starting to come together.

A little photo tour…

The before:

And midway after. We still need to get this room cleared out of all the stuff, but the painting is all done; a clean white in the kitchen for now and a blue/green accent wall (though it looks more blue than it actually is in this photo). Soooo much better than wallpaper!

Note the new electrical switches/plates! My fantastic father-in-law (who happens to be an electrician) is changing out all our upstairs sockets to clean new white touch plate versions (although this one has an old style dimmer switch still). It’s amazing that such a small detail can transform the look of a room so much!

We need a new ceiling light in this room, and here’s what I’m eyeing from Land of Nod, since I’m planning on doing some orange accents in this area:

The living room is also painted; we warmed it up to a very exciting beige (ha ha) but I like what it’s done for the room. My favorite part is the brown accent wall (the paint literally looked like melted chocolate in the can!).

We have a new dining room fixture yet to be installed…but we’re overworking our electrician already. Good thing he’s still smiling! 🙂

The master/main bath really cleaned up well, too. Now all we need is a new light fixture (see why we’re overworking our electrician?!). I love how this color turned out!

We used the same color to do the wall in the laundry area/mud room.

And our “powder room” attached to the laundry area got the same blue/green as in the kitchen area. Charlie has big plans to make this a cool bathroom someday with some fun fixtures. Someday!

Meredith’s room has been my priority, since I’d like to get her settled and used to our new house as soon as possible. The color on the walls is such a pretty, feminine shade of pale blueish purple and I love how it looks with her yellow chair! The picture is a little dark here, but trust me, it’s pretty! 🙂 There are yellow curtains made by my grandma to go on her window, too.

And here’s the fixture I’m drooling over to replace her ceiling light, from aBaby

And a wall art tree that I think would be adorable somewhere in the room from Wall Candy Arts:

So, to recap, here’s what we’ve done so far…

* Stripped wallpaper in all upstairs rooms but the front hall (we ran out of steam and it’s a pretty neutral stripe…)

* Textured many of the walls upstairs

* Painted the living room, dining area, kitchen, kitchen room, laundry room, powder room, master bath and Mere’s room

* Put in 3 new toilets (yay!!)

* Various new light fixtures and new outlets/plates

Next up on the list is to find some window coverings for our master bed and kitchen room windows…but I’m overwhelmed! Maybe a day off is a better idea…

Oh, and just because she’s so cute in her new Christmas PJs from Grandma… 🙂

More pics to come soon!


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Wallpaper, Menards and band-aids

We are officially homeowners!! On Friday, we bought our first (and hopefully our last…) house in Green Valley, the same neighborhood I grew up in (and where my parents still live, just down the street from us). We are so excited!

We have spent nearly every waking moment since Friday morning over at the house working, working, working. All this work has made three things very clear:

1) Wallpaper is NEVER a good idea. Period.

2) Menards is our new hangout–or, as Charlie says, our new creditor.

3) You can never have too many band-aids on hand when renovating a house.

I’m taking pictures as we go and hope to have some befores and afters in the next week or so…

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