Tunic tees

I finally figured out how to make lap tees (ala Gerber onsies) and made a couple tunic-length versions for Meredith and Natalie. I love how they turned out. Now if only I had a serger! I promise, Santa, I’ve been good…! ūüėÄ


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Favorite things

I’ve been looking back at some old photos/videos of Meredith (has she really grown THAT fast?!) and thought it might be fun to share a few of my favorite things I was reminded of from her baby days.

1. Maya Wrap ring sling

We used the Maya Wrap literally every day for the first few months. Meredith would snuggle in and go to sleep almost instantly–I think being all snug right next to Mommy reminded her of being in the womb. I told another mother I once saw out at a restaurant with a crying baby about the same age that it almost guarantees an instant nap. A must-have…and an added bonus is that it frees up your hands for tidying up (or surfing the internet…).



2. JJ Cole Bundleme

Don’t you just love stuffing a baby inside a bulky, puffy snowsuit? …we didn’t either, which is why the Bundleme was so great for us last winter. No need for a coat–honestly–we could just dress her as we normally would for being inside in the winter, put her in her carseat, zip up the cover and go. A-maz-ing! If you live in a cold climate, like we do, I think it’s definitely a must.


3. Muslin wraps

We couldn’t (and really, still can’t) live without these in Meredith’s early days. Muslin wraps are great for summer days when you want to swaddle a baby, but don’t want her to get hot. The blankets are lightweight and breathable, but still keep baby plenty warm. Plus they’re easy to swaddle tight with. Their large size gives them lots of other uses, too; I used mine a lot as a nursing cover, sometimes as a blanket to toss over Meredith’s carseat when she was napping in the sun, sometimes as a play blanket spread on the floor. I highly, highly recommend them!


4. Kicky Pants bamboo basics

The bamboo coverall PJs from Kicky Pants are a splurge that’s totally worth it. Actually, any bamboo from Kicky Pants is worth it! ūüôā I got Meredith a pair of the coveralls (with snap-down back, how cute is that??) when she was born, and she wore them a lot. The absolute softest material you will ever feel! Plus, I’m a fan of basic designs for baby, and that’s what these are. Simple, soft, classic, and completely adorable! We have short sleeve PJs and a couple of dresses that have gotten a lot of use, too.



5. bumGenius cloth diapers

When I first decided to use cloth diapers, a lot of people thought I was nuts. Dunking diapers in a toilet? Stinky diaper pails? Vinyl pants? Of course, none of those things are actually part of cloth diapering anymore (and most of those comments came from friends of my mom who had done it 25 years ago), and I’m so glad we stuck with it. Even my husband is a believer now, thanks in part to bumGenius diapers. After a temporary moment of insanity when I decided to go the prefold/pins/covers route (which DOES involve a version of the old vinyl pants!), I picked up a BG diaper to try out. We loved it, and it’s what we use 90% of the time to this day. The velcro closure is daddy-friendly (although I prefer snap versions and have started converting most of them to that, but that’s another story) and they wash up great. I’ve found cloth diapering to be incredibly easy–and it’s sure nice not to have to buy diapers all the time! If you’re interested in trying cloth at all, give it a try with something like BG and I bet you’ll be hooked.

Plus, how cute are colorful, clean diapers drying on a line?


I have many, many more favorites to share…but another day! ūüôā

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New(born) inspiration

Having a newborn nephew around has sure been fun so far–and given me lots of motivation to practice some sewing. Good thing his mom doesn’t mind letting Calvin be the guinea pig for my first go at lots of new patterns/ideas! ūüôā

Today I tried a kimono style top and some matching pants, and I was pretty happy with how it all turned out. The top was really pretty simple to put together–and would have been easier had I read the instructions all the way to the end before lamenting for an hour that I MUST have done something wrong since I couldn’t figure out how to get the dumb thing to tie with only two strings…when at the end I was supposed to attach two more. Duh! Maybe someday I can make one as beautiful as the ones pictured here, where I found the free instructions (although I modified mine a bit).

The finished product:


With coordinating pants:


And just because I love, love, LOVE this fabric!


I ended up putting a snap inside instead of a second set of ties; I found it cuts down on the bulk and seems like it’d be a bit more functional. Next time, I think I’ll make the sleeves longer and maybe narrow in the neck a bit. It’s fun to play around with something new!

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Because I can’t resist

Babies make the most hilarious, adorable faces, don’t they? ūüôā



Meredith is very (im)patiently wanting to meet her cousin Cal. “I’ll even share my apple with you, buddy!”


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Welcome to our world!


I am¬†thrilled¬†to announce the birth of my very first nephew, Calvin Perry Olson! Cal was born this morning, via scheduled C-section, to my brother Perry and his wife, Melissa. He is 8lbs, 6ozs, 20 1/4″ long–and is the picture of health.

Many of you know the journey Perry and Mel have taken these last four years as they lost their first daughter, Cherly Lori, four years ago–TODAY–then delivered our precious Natalie B¬†at 28 weeks on Oct. 22, 2006. Natalie has Cerebral Palsy and faces many challenges–but she¬†could not have been given two more amazing, strong and inspiring parents.

After Natalie’s birth, it seemed unlikely there would be¬†more children in Perry and Mel’s future–but,¬†as we learned early on, God has bigger plans.¬†A¬†medical intervention called a Transabdominal¬†Cerclage (TAC) changed everything–and helped bring Calvin into our lives.

Now, we are filled with absolute, pure¬†joy watching the wonder of that new little life. Hospital regulations thanks to H1N1 mean no visits from any family until Mel & Cal are discharged Friday–but in a way, I think even that is all part of a bigger plan. These few days, when my brother and sister-in-law are having the new and wonderful experience of delivering a healthy baby, will surely be precious.

As for me, I can say that the moment I do get to whisper in Calvin’s little ear it will be to tell him how precious he is to all our family. And you know, I’m sure he already¬†understands.

Welcome to our world, Calvin Perry.


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It’s gonna be a long winter…

I think Meredith may already be suffering from cabin fever. This morning, she toddled out of the room during a particularly riveting Handy Manny episode (that Mr. Lopart sure is a goon!) and caught sight of her swing through the back sliding door.¬†Next thing I know, I hear her trademark “Muhmuhmuh! Dat! Dat!” (which, roughly translated, means “MOM, I WANT THAT!!!”) and I see this:


That’s my swing, Mommy. I see my swing. I want to swing! It looks like so much fun. Sigh.


What do you mean it’s only 38 degrees outside? My swing is still outside. I see it I. Want. To. Swing.

…why are you just sitting there taking my picture?!


Next thing I know, I see this:


“Look, Mommy! You can see my teeth when I smoosh my little mouth and nose against this window!”

After a few faces, Meredith disappeared, then reappeared at the window–wearing her winter hat. Backwards. The poor baby wanted to go outside, even in the 38 degree fall morning.

What else could I do??


I think it’s going to be a long winter!


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PharmD & Daddy

A little preview of Halloween fun to come…

“Alright Meredith, let’s go over this one more time. The pills go in the bottle, not in your mouth–even if they are M&Ms.”


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Fun with felt

In my ongoing quest to become a crafty mama (ha!) I’ve found a new project to tackle: a felt playhouse for Meredith. These things look so cool–and seem suspiciously easy, so I’m giving it a try. Just check out these amazing finished products from missprettypretty on Etsy. See why I was inspired??

My project is only as far as buying a bunch of felt and attempting a few simple things like apples for a tree and some flowers…

I have to admit, it’s a lot of fun and a nice change from my usual diaper sewing. I think it’ll turn out cute…if I can have the patience to finish. Now the hard part is figuring out what to put ON the thing. Any suggestions??

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Hello world!

So I’ve been meaning to start a blog for…well, for a long time. But, for some reason, the blogosphere intimidates me–thus the many months of putting it off.

But, today, I’m giving it a go.

The purpose of this blog? Nothing big, just posting random thoughts, great¬†finds¬†and sharing the¬†adventures of¬†a (relatively) new mom of one wonderful one-year-old girl. She’s the inspiration for the blog name, too: Meredith Jaymes. She makes me laugh, makes me pull my hair out…but mostly she makes me happier than anything to be her mom. Even if all she does eat lately is mac & cheese…sigh.


So…hello (blog) world, here I am!

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