Please, Mr. Postman…

Today our very sad, very old, very rusted-out mailbox met its maker…HOORAY!! We picked out a brand new shiny red one to take its place, and today, Charlie got to have some fun installing it. Sounds so simple, right? Pound in a stake, screw in some screws, attach the box…let’s just say there were screwdrivers flying across our yard at one point, and it’s not because we were playing an impromptu game of catch. 🙂

Wonder why we had to get rid of the old one? I mean, it still looks OK, doesn’t it??

And really, having it balanced on the curb in a cylinder of concrete (totally above ground) is pretty safe (and mighty classy), isn’t it?

And just check out that fabulous underside…

Ok, you get the picture–it had to go. So Charlie set to work!

We had some troubles getting everything all lined up–and were not helped by the woefully sad excuse for instructions that came with everything.

Ahh, the joys of homeownership!! As we were outside, a couple of the neighbors walked by and gave us the thumbs up. One woman said “Oh, you’re doing the right thing!” Guess they’ve all been admiring that ol’ antique for years! 🙂

Pictures of the finished to come soon…


April 1, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. Lori replied:

    Did a drive-by tonight…nice!!

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