Spring has sprung

It’s been awhile since I’ve paid any attention to my blog–life has been busy! I’m sitting here today looking out at the beautiful sunshine while I’m constantly sniffling and emptying out the Kleenex box…ugh, who gets a cold right when the weather turns nice?! I guess this year I did.

Work continues on the house, although it’s slowed down considerably since a few months ago. We’ve been doing some minor things–finishing up some painting in our “kitchen room,” hanging up a few window treatments and things like that. I’m excited though, because last night we went out and bought a new mailbox and some spray paint to freshen up our gas light in the front yard, which are two things I’ve been itching to take care of ever since the day we moved in! Hopefully this week we’ll be able to get rid of our very sad, falling-apart, rusty mailbox (bet the neighbors and the mailman just LOVE it!) and put up our shiny new one.

This afternoon we had an estimate done for some fence in the backyard, which is a MUST thanks to the dead loop of the Souris River that is right behind our yard. The dropoff of the dike is so steep that I don’t even want to be back there until we get this fence installed! It’ll be fun to have some space to run around in with Meredith and friends. The next project we’re going to tackle is our “Florida room” (aka: the sun porch) which desperately needs a fresh coat of paint. I’m thinking something very fun…maybe lime green?! We shall see.

I’ve been keeping busy sewing lately, since my friend Jennie and I are planning to start selling some things on an Etsy account soon, which will be fun. I guess there comes a point when your own kids only need so many homemade outfits, right? 🙂 I’ll pass along our store website once we get things up and running, hopefully in the next few weeks.

Maybe a little sunshine will help me kick this cold–Meredith is calling me from her bed and it’s time to play!


March 31, 2010. Uncategorized.

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