Pretty things for Natalie

A couple weeks ago, I made a monkey “patchwork” type blanket for Mere–and when my sister-in-law, Melissa, saw it, she asked if I’d make a bigger version for my niece’s room in the house they just moved into. I was so excited to do this for them–Natalie’s room in their old house was really special to them (it’s where they brought her home to after a 75-day stay in the NICU!), and I wanted to help make her new room just as special.
So, about a week ago we went shopping for fabrics to go with her colors (green and pink), and then I set to work making a full-size reversible comforter. The finished product is about 8′ by 8′, and I’d say it took 10-12ish hours start to finish. It’s by far the biggest project I’ve done since I started sewing almost exactly a year ago. Here’s a peek at the project and the completed set!
All cut out and ready to go…
That’s a LOT of fabric!!
Snipping edges… (my dad came over last night and thought we needed documentation of the work-in-progress!)
Done!!  And I had just enough chenille fabric leftover to make two pillow shams, too.
One side:
And the other side:
A little closer up on each side. Such cute fabrics Melissa picked out!
We brought it over to Natalie tonight and it looks great in her new room!
Cousins hanging out on the comfy new bed
We flipped the comforter, and then it was time for me to sneak in a little snuggle with Natalie
And here she is, dreaming away tonight…so sweet.
It really was so much fun to make and contribute something special to my very special niece. I hope she enjoys it!

February 24, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Lori replied:

    I’m glad I got to see its debut on Natalie’s bed tonight. It’s so cute she could charge people to see it. By the way, where’d you learn to sew like that…your mother?

  2. Mae Kizima replied:

    Wow!!! Good Job Carolyn!!! So pretty and Natalie looks like she is loving it!!!

  3. Mary Daley replied:

    Gorgeous little girl and gorgeous quilt. Quite a talent you’re showing us, Carolyn. I might have to make a trip to take some lessons!

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