House updates

Where does the time go? The calendar says it’s 2010, but it seems like we’ve hardly had time to notice the new year beginning. What a busy few months its been!

The biggest thing eating up our time is–surprise!–the house. It’s come a long way in the 7 weeks we’ve owned it, but there’s still work to be done. (I hear the work never ends…)

How about another photo tour?

I don’t think I’ve posted a shot of the outside of our house; granted right now it’s covered in two feet of snow, but you get the idea. First outdoor project once the ground thaws: new mailbox!!! 🙂

We do finally have window coverings (finally!!) so our neighbors don’t have to watch us go from room to room anymore. 🙂 We ordered double-cell shades from and love them! FYI, if anyone is in the market for cellular shades, definitely check this site out; I’d say the total cost for the 6 shades we ordered came to about 1/6th of what it would have cost at JC Penneys (even with their constant sale prices!).

Window coverings were what we were waiting on in the master bedroom to get it completed–and now we are actually sleeping there as opposed to the third (very, very messy) bedroom. We still need to hang things on the walls and fill it up a bit, but you get the idea.

Meredith’s room is not much different–but I did get something fun for her wall! The tree is actually stickers from, and I LOVE how it turned out. Meredith thinks it’s pretty neat too; whenever she goes into her room and sees the tree, she stops and goes “Wow! Wow!” 🙂 I still need to hang some things on her walls too, but hers is the room that’s closest to completion. And a side note: the yellow curtains on her window were made by my grandma for MY room many years ago…I’m so excited they fit in perfectly in Mere’s room!

The bathroom is done too–save, again, for some things on the walls. (I guess that must be a finishing touch stage I’m just not quite to yet!) We got the new fixture up and the new toilet installed at least!

Last week, my mom came over and helped me clear out a bunch of junk/garbage/boxes from the living room–boy was that nice! That, along with the fact that we re-joined the 21st century and got cable, makes it feel like we can actually live in our living room now. 🙂 Credit for the furniture arrangement goes to James the Interior Decorator (aka: my father).

This chair was in our basement, left by the previous owner, and I think it’s cool! The plan is to re-paint and re-upholster it and incorporate it in the living room. I’m thinking some fabric with some personality and a fresh coat of black paint. We’ll see what happens…but I think it’ll be sorta neat to include something that was already in the house.

Maybe this? We’ll see! 🙂

Spade Damask Cotton Woven Fabric, Ivory Colorway by Joel Dewberry

The “kitchen room,” as we’ve come to call it, is getting there…we’d like to get a TV that can go on the wall in here and I’ve got a little bit of painting to finish behind the shelving on the far wall (ORANGE!!), but we’re finding we use this room a LOT. The small futon-ish sofa I got from World Market a few months ago is proving to be a fantastic purchase for this room. Oh, and storage ottomans (ours came from Target and bonus! has a soft top for instant toddler-proofing) are worth their weight in gold.

That’s it for now…time to go outside and enjoy the heat wave. It’s 25 ABOVE today!! 🙂


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  1. Megan replied:

    Love the house updates, it’s really coming along nicely!

  2. Brittany Miller replied:

    Wow Carolyn! You’ve gotten a lot done since last Sunday! I guess it was mostly just finding a home for everything right? I love that old chair you are keeping. Can’t wait to see it all ‘freshened’ up!

  3. Carrie Huffman replied:

    That tree in Mere’s room, seriously, made me squee. Love it! And the rest of the house–looks fab, darling. PS: I like the fun yellowy floral print on your inherited chair!

  4. Jennie Anderson replied:

    Ok, even though I’ve been to your house a few times already, I really enjoyed slowly looking through your pictures! It seems I’m too busy chatting and watching over my kiddies to really admire your new, fresh ideas! Modern, classy, and wonderfully HOME– what a great house! Nice work. 🙂

  5. Sarah Burckhard replied:

    Love the chair idea can’t wait to see what fabris you end up with!

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