Oh! Cuuute!

What a busy month! December has been filled with lots of unpacking boxes (yes, there are still waaaay too many left to do), Veggie Tales videos (note to self: set up cable SOON!), installing window coverings (screwing in 2 brackets sounded so easy in the instructions…), organizing the kitchen (why do I always reach for the glasses in the wrong cupboard–still?!), etc., etc. and etc.

Oh, and I hear Christmas is only a week away…as if I have time to get ready for THAT this year… Yikes! Luckily Meredith isn’t old enough yet to notice we don’t have a Christmas tree up (unless you count the little ceramic one in the front hall…). Oh well, Christmas will still be filled with plenty of family, friends and fun, so all is well.

Work on the house continues, and soon we should have a few more rooms closer to done; we’ve ordered the rest of our blinds (sidenote here–anyone in the market for cellular shades should definitely check out this site–soooo much more reasonable than, say, Penney’s and I’m very happy with the quality!), finally painted the master bedroom, and gotten our internet hooked up (YAY!). More pictures soon.

So today, Meredith opened up a Christmas present from “Grandma” Lois–a little Santa bobblehead figurine–, promptly gave it a hug and did this:

In case you can’t decipher toddler speak from photos alone, that makes “Ohhhh! Cuuuuute!”  It was the first time I’ve heard that phrase from Mere, and was so funny as she repeated it over and over to the little Santa.

Something tells me Christmas is going to be extra fun this year–even if I’m not ready for it! 🙂

Merry Christmas!


December 19, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Katie replied:

    Those pictures are totally cute! Cant wait to see more pictures of the house!

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