Favorite things

I’ve been looking back at some old photos/videos of Meredith (has she really grown THAT fast?!) and thought it might be fun to share a few of my favorite things I was reminded of from her baby days.

1. Maya Wrap ring sling

We used the Maya Wrap literally every day for the first few months. Meredith would snuggle in and go to sleep almost instantly–I think being all snug right next to Mommy reminded her of being in the womb. I told another mother I once saw out at a restaurant with a crying baby about the same age that it almost guarantees an instant nap. A must-have…and an added bonus is that it frees up your hands for tidying up (or surfing the internet…).



2. JJ Cole Bundleme

Don’t you just love stuffing a baby inside a bulky, puffy snowsuit? …we didn’t either, which is why the Bundleme was so great for us last winter. No need for a coat–honestly–we could just dress her as we normally would for being inside in the winter, put her in her carseat, zip up the cover and go. A-maz-ing! If you live in a cold climate, like we do, I think it’s definitely a must.


3. Muslin wraps

We couldn’t (and really, still can’t) live without these in Meredith’s early days. Muslin wraps are great for summer days when you want to swaddle a baby, but don’t want her to get hot. The blankets are lightweight and breathable, but still keep baby plenty warm. Plus they’re easy to swaddle tight with. Their large size gives them lots of other uses, too; I used mine a lot as a nursing cover, sometimes as a blanket to toss over Meredith’s carseat when she was napping in the sun, sometimes as a play blanket spread on the floor. I highly, highly recommend them!


4. Kicky Pants bamboo basics

The bamboo coverall PJs from Kicky Pants are a splurge that’s totally worth it. Actually, any bamboo from Kicky Pants is worth it! 🙂 I got Meredith a pair of the coveralls (with snap-down back, how cute is that??) when she was born, and she wore them a lot. The absolute softest material you will ever feel! Plus, I’m a fan of basic designs for baby, and that’s what these are. Simple, soft, classic, and completely adorable! We have short sleeve PJs and a couple of dresses that have gotten a lot of use, too.



5. bumGenius cloth diapers

When I first decided to use cloth diapers, a lot of people thought I was nuts. Dunking diapers in a toilet? Stinky diaper pails? Vinyl pants? Of course, none of those things are actually part of cloth diapering anymore (and most of those comments came from friends of my mom who had done it 25 years ago), and I’m so glad we stuck with it. Even my husband is a believer now, thanks in part to bumGenius diapers. After a temporary moment of insanity when I decided to go the prefold/pins/covers route (which DOES involve a version of the old vinyl pants!), I picked up a BG diaper to try out. We loved it, and it’s what we use 90% of the time to this day. The velcro closure is daddy-friendly (although I prefer snap versions and have started converting most of them to that, but that’s another story) and they wash up great. I’ve found cloth diapering to be incredibly easy–and it’s sure nice not to have to buy diapers all the time! If you’re interested in trying cloth at all, give it a try with something like BG and I bet you’ll be hooked.

Plus, how cute are colorful, clean diapers drying on a line?


I have many, many more favorites to share…but another day! 🙂


November 12, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Kris Noonan replied:

    Those are some of my absolute favorites too and thanks to you, our muslin wraps sell out like crazy!!! Have you seen the bumGenius Flip? We just got them in last week and I love them so far!

    Fun to keep posted on you guys and how big Mer is getting!

    Take care.

  2. Megan replied:

    Thanks for all these great ideas, Carolyn! I’ll definitely be thinking of all this stuff very soon!

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